KASEE is an apparel brand that produces traditional activewear. The name KASEE originates from the Indonesian word “kasih”, which means “to love” and “to give”. This originates from us as founders, as we are true believers of loving what we do so that we can give our best to you.

We want Batik's craftsmanship to open up a new journey of preservation and appreciation in this modern era and aspire to break the old stereotype that Batik is only used for formal occasions as a symbolic function.

We see this as a journey to bring new perspectives in the batik industry, through which we hope that batik will be increasingly appreciated and adopted.

All our products are ethnically made by batik artisans who have been carrying the batik practice over generations. All our designs are grounded on batik philosophies to evoke the story of our heritage and tradition. A story to be told. A story to be known. A story to be made to break the barrier.